4th Meeting: Szeghalom (Hungary)

From 18th to 22nd of September was held in Szeghalom (Hungary) , the fourth Meeting of our Project. The town is located about 200 km from Budapest, in the direction of the border with Romania. It ‘s an area of plains, with boundless expanses of cultivated fields of sunflowers or corn. Area is also famous for the beautiful horses. We have worked successfully together and strengthened the bonds of friendship that characterize our common project. Below are photos of some characteristic moments and the link to the site of the town.

“On the 18th of September, as the plane touched down on the tarmac, we looked out the window to see that we had arrived in Hungary on a bright, beautiful, and sunny Wednesday morning. We disembarked the plane and met our colleagues from Germany and Finland in the airport. After exchanging greetings, we all boarded the minibus and off we went to Szeghalom!

That night we were taken to Kondoros, where we were seemingly ushered back in time as we watched performances of the Majarian Knights. We ate in an old style restaurant which had a very interesting exhibition about how people lived several centuries ago in Hungary. 

On Thursday, after a fulfilling morning working ….., we were given a tour of the two schools. We had a lovely time meeting with and enjoying the company of the students and we were enthralled with the talented and enthusiastic show given to us by the students of the School for the Arts. That afternoon we took a biking tour which allowed us to experience the beauty of Szeghalom and its natural surroundings and were even given an opportunity to try our skills at archery.

Friday morning we were given the honour of being introduced to the Mayor of Szeghalom and, after lunch, we again boarded our minibus and went off to the nearby town of Nyiregyhaza to visit its college. 

On Saturday (our last day), we were driven to Budapest where were overwhelmed by the city’s beauty and grace. We took a tour which began with the Houses of Parliament and, after a full day exploring the richness of Budapest, ended with a lovely and enchanting evening cruise on the Danube.”




Meeting’s report:

The next meeting of the “We are the champions” Comenius project was taken place in Hungary from 18th  to 22nd

September in Tildy Zoltán Elementary School in Szeghalom Hungary. The meeting was participated by teachers and pupils of 5 countries. (13 teachers and 11 pupils).

On Wednesday – the day of the arrival – the guests have dinner in the tavern in Kondoros, where they could see a horseshow and an exhibition about the Hungarian scamps’ life and traditions.

On the first workday of the meeting the guests were welcome in the school and also the representatives of the pupils’ council greeted them in the name of the pupils of the school their own language and then they introduced themselves shortly. Then the programme of the week was discussed and later both school buildings, classrooms and official roms were shown to the guests.

After lunch the guests could watch the magnificent performance of the pupils attending the Art School. This was the first time the Comenius song has been sung by the children.

It was followed by a bicycle ride to the Vidra farm where the foreign colleagues and children could take part in various sport activities such as archery, rowing, bike race, table tennis and walking on stilts and they could also try pottery in the afternoon. The programme was quite successful, especially archery was very popular.

For the evening a Comenius party was organized, where the host families and the school teachers were invited to. About 90 guests arrived. In this evening the host families and the colleagues regaled foreign teachers for a special Hungarian bottle-party. Everyone made a typical Hungarian meal. The aim of this programme was to get to know more and more kinds of meals peculiar to Hungary. After dinner there was a game and lots of amusing tasks had to be completed. After the game the school teachers performed a folk dance show, which was very successful and led to a large dancing party, a real international cavalcade.

On Friday the forign colleagues could watch a P.E. lesson, which was followed by the project meeting, where the completed and would be tasks were discussed.

Each country made a power point presentation about the most popular sport activities in its school. Later on the dates of the following meetings were discussed.

At half past ten the mayor of our town greeted our guests in the town hall, where they could get information about the local sport life, sport possibilities, successful youths who achieve good results in various fields of sport. Then the representatives of the partnering countries could watch a documentary about the past, present and development of Szeghalom. At the end of the meeting our guests were given a book about Szeghalom as a present by the mayor.

It was followed by a short sightseeing tour to the local library, museum sports centre.

After having lunch in restaurant Alma Mater the foreign colleagues said good-bye to our school, the host families and travelled to Nyíregyháza where they visited the Physical Education Division of College of Nyíregyháza. They could get information about the education of teachers of PE. Those who wanted could visit the zoo and wlidlife park in Nyíregyháza. The evening ended with a dinner and a friendly conversation.

The following programme was organized in Budapest on Saturday morning. First some of the main attractions of the capital city (Fortress quarters, Fisherman’s Bastion, Citadel, Matthias Church) were visited. Our guests could watch Heroes’ Square where they happened to see the National Horseri

The official dinner where our colleagues could receive the certificate for participating in the programme took place in restaurant Kaltenberg. The evening ended with a shipping voyage on the river Danube where our guests could enjoy the the panorama of Budapest with its evening lights.

The host parents and childres were very pleased to regale a foreign child and to practice the language. Children were happy to get to know each-other’s culture and the opportunity of travelling to the partnering countries on the next occasions. Hopefully they will keep in touch. The main increment of this programme is that children and maybe even their parents can gain more motivation to learn English language.


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