2nd Meeting – Lipník nad Bečvou (Czech Republic)

Lipník nad Bečvou is an ancient town with 8.5 thousand inhabitants lying in the very centre of the Moravian Gate valley, in its narrowest point. This ancient trade route is bordered by the Hostýn Hills on one side and on the other side by the Odra Hills. The Bečva river flows through the area and, the Moravian Gate connects the fertile Haná Region with Silesia and additionally with the Moravian Wallachia. An important trade route called Amber Path passed it in the past.

In this town we met all together for the 2nd meeting. It was important to come together to compare our work and the common path that we’re doing. We compared the results of our questionnaires, seen the work that the students have done on the most famous Olympic athletes. Together, we have used our shared workspace, the web platform Edmodo. Together we watched the Didapages software for the creation of e-books. The visit to the most beautiful places of the city and a visit to the International School of Olomouc were an interesting crowning achievement of this meeting. Also in this case, the Comenius project has demonstrated how many things to share with european’s colleagues we have  and how each of us can grow personally and professionally.






2 responses to “2nd Meeting – Lipník nad Bečvou (Czech Republic)

  1. nmoyko@interia.pl

    Very nice pictures!

  2. comenius2009

    Dear european colleagues,
    all your comment or reports are welcome:-)

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