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Project Timetable

The path of our project.

results_and_outcomes_first_year (pdf)

Project objectivies and strategy.

The concrete objectives of the partnership are:

-To increase children’s uptake of sport while trying typical sport-games of other countries and presenting typical games for each country at every meeting.

-To launch an International section on all the participating schools’ websites.

-To know about other countries attitudes to sports as well as their favorites sports and famous sports people through an information exchange between the schools.

-Supporting and developing the entrepreneurship of the students.

-Improving the children’s social capacity through sports and related activities.

-To improve communication in English language (students create an international dictionary with special “words for sporting activities”).

-To promote local, national and international community cohesion through sharing our events, results and findings.

-To improve computer knowledge through permanent communication, exchange of information.

-To promote equality of all the participants.


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