Events, initiatives, updates from Partners.

From Poland: May 2014

Polish Comenius team went to Rzeszów to take part in a lecture and workshop about the European Union. Later, they all had a great time at the rope park!



from Italy: (April 2014)

Football match Italy vs. Poland (under 16 team)

April 9th 5th classes of San Rocco Primary School went to the local stadium to watch the football match Italy-Poland. Started the game, we started playing the trumpets, whistles and the little bells. We attended the game with a lot of enthusiasm and we enjoyed the beautiful teams’ game. It was a beautiful day and the sport has joined us in a spirit of true and joyful. The game ended with a score of 3-0 for Italy. At the end of the game we were able to greet the players of the Polish team. Well done to all……and thanks to our Comenius Project:-)                                                                                                    (Fabio and Rhoda- 5th class)







From Finland: (February 2014)

Hi everyone!

We spent a nice evening at Junko. It is a tiny hill near our school. The parents association of our school had organized a nice happening for us there.

Children had small bobsleds and/or snowboards and there was a tuff downhill race.

Parents cooked coffee on the open fire, there were hot sausages and sweet donuts.

We had a very nice evening 🙂




From Italy (December 2013):      1st year of the Project: Brochure (italian)



From Finland (July 2013):

From Finland (March 2013):

Cross-country skiing competition.

The victory ceremony

Here we are gathered together in our school gym to be present when the prizes of our cross-country skiing competition are distributed. There are alltogether 320 pupils in our school at the moment.


 (victory ceremony)

From Czech Republic: European day.

From Poland:

Street race

11th November is a Polish Independence Day. This year our schol organised a street race (distances fro 250 metres to 2000 metres). Our Comenius school team took part in the race wearing t-shirts with the name of the project. We wanted to promote running among other students. We all had a good time and won medals and diplomas!

A match in unihockey (floorball).
Last week Polish Comenius team played a match in unihockey. We bought the equipment thanks to the Comenius project. Unihockey is a great team game in which players use light sticks and light balls. It can be played even in a smaller room. We all had fun! Now we can practice playing it during PE lessons or after school!

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