2012-2014: “We are the champions”

I'm in Est

Video about our last Project’s meeting

in Poland (by Hungarian Team)


Our Project’s song:

Project’s e-book:



Final Surveys



from Poland:

On 25th June we officially ended the project “We are the champions” in Poland! We had the chance to sum up the project and present our final products (website, anthem, e-book) to parents, teachers and other guests. All participants got the certificates and photo books with some pictures from our trips and activities. Everything ended with a bonfire and games!



Final Meeting:

Ulanów (Poland)
7th-11th May 2014



Final Comenius Survey-Teachers

Final Comenius Survey-Pupils

(to complete within 30th April 2014)


Some pictures of the Meeting:




next Meeting…….

19th -23rd March 2014

Kivikko School – Kemi – Lapland

City of Kemi


Santa Claus village


European week: 2nd – 8th December 2013


18th – 22nd September 2013


Szeghalom – Hungary


June 2013


new: Project’s timeline

memos: Project’s outcomes


3rd Meeting

ITALY – Palazzolo s/O (BS)

15th – 19th May 2013


IC Palazzolo




to all Partners!!!


2nd Meeting

February 2013

Czech Republic – Lipník nad Bečvou

lista skola


Google Map



New year also for our Project.

The new year has begun and our Project comes alive….

We are all waiting to meet again at the next meeting in the Czech Republic.

A peaceful year for all, full of expectations and discoveries.


Merry Christmas to all Partners.

Dear colleagues and friends,

Christmas is coming and the hope is that it is for all of us a period of peace and friendship for our project. With the new year we renew our enthusiasm to continue this journey together …. If you have pictures or news of your Christmas traditions, we will post it here.

Best wishes to all and see you at the next meeting.


Christmas traditions from Partners

Czech Republic




The main idea for the project is to capitalize and build on the London Olympics 2012 and take inspiration from the Olympics to perform a course focused on sport and healthy lifestyles, through enabling students from all the partner countries to share their knowledge and background of their sports cultures and sporting heroes whilst at the same time developing their motivation and skills in various new sports. The children will also learn about the science behind sport – what happens to the body when you exercise and how this is beneficial.

We believe that through sport and the sport activities  that take place in each country, we can convey those aspects of culture and knowledge to ensure that every pupil and teacher increases the sense of participation in the European community and self-esteem. We will also focus on children from disadvantaged families, comparing information about the student welfare systems and healthcare systems as well as the education of children with special educational needs.

Building common set of paths starting from the sport will allow us to use language to describe the individual experiences, to share them online and make pupils protagonists of learning focused on health and healthy lifestyles. The use of English in the curricular activities will increase vocabulary and communication skills of students with friends in other Countries.

Logo of our Project

Summary of the Project

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